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Game Links: Trail Blazers at Spurs

Make it eight games in a row for the Spurs who had a total team effort on the offensive side of the ball. Here are your game links for Wednesday night's matchup against the Portland Trail Blazers.

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Game FlowShot Chart

Standings: I'm just going to leave this here.

After the game, Manu Ginobili was asked, "Who feels the youngest out of you, Duncan, or Parker?" The Argentinian didn't hesitate to reply "Tony for sure."

In talking about the Spurs having the best record in the NBA, Tony Parker gave a lot of credit to the bench, saying "We had a lot of guys in and out, and our bench stepped it up. They've been playing great basketball."

Popovich, too, commented on the bench's performance this season, saying "Without them we would have been in big trouble."

Dave Deckard, over at Blazer's Edge, wrote that Portland's game against the Spurs marked the second straight game they played where they had no chance of winning.

Corbin Smith of Portland Roundball Society made note of how well Popovich rests his players, saying, "Pop understands people want to watch Parker play. But he just refuses to give anyone what they want."

It's been a common theme for many teams this season: The Blazers held a team meeting on Wednesday night after recording their fourth straight loss.

Although the game never felt out of reach for the Spurs, Dan McCarney credited Patty Mills and Marco Belinelli's two 3-pointers each at the beginning of the fourth quarter as the turning point of the game.

Report Card Grades: Trevor Zickgraf writes "Keep that hot shooting going, Danny. Oh, and don't airball floaters."

Mileage Tracker: Pop is doing a great job spreading out the mileage put on his players.

Up next for the Spurs are the Lakers, who just officially ruled Kobe Bryan out for the rest of the season.