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Opponent Game Thread: Spurs at Bulls

As the Spurs get ready to take on the Portland Trailblazers, let's take the time to reflect on how the Bulls feel.

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to play "fly on the wall" again. As our Spurs took to the road once more, they proved to be too much for the Bulls at home. As most oppenent game threads go, they started as optimistic as the rest. However, it went south very quickly for them, as the Spurs left little doubt of who was the superior team. I will admit, the Bulls fans were very respectful of our Spurs. On the other hand, if you want to see the full dose of venom they had for Carlos Boozer, you're going to have to make the jump, over to their actual Game Thread.

* * *

There will be many angry faces between Pop and Thibs
Pop looked like he wanted to kill someone there on the bench.
by windycitywarrior

Call TO, Thibs
by Pippen's blocks on Charles Smith

Parker and Leonard and Hinrich are killing them.
by Dr.Q

F’ing Parker in god mode
by maynardo

Duncan is really good at screening.
He moves just at the right time to knock the defender off without attracting the ref’s notice. I think KG is always doing it illegally, but Duncan is just subtle.
by Dr.Q

San Antonio is destroying us in every aspect of the game
Except blocks – we’re holding our own there at 1 each!
by wjb1492

Tony Parker is beating us by himself
by ES46NE10

Even their farts.... nothing but net
by maynardo

When is the last time we were outscored 271% in a quarter?
I mean, yeah, we can suck on offense, but more than doubled up?
by wjb1492

Damn it Marco stop being so spicy
by TianDogg

The build up to that Marco 3 was silly good
by Droseman1

System my (butt). These guys are shooting 70% from the field
by Dils

They can't shoot this good in warmups
by Dils

I got it
San Antonio is just using us to send another message to the Heat. It wasn’t enough to beat them head to head, the Spurs are now going to destroy us because we just beat the Heat. We’re simply a pawn in another Pop headgame.
by wjb1492

F’ this! they can't miss. Marco raining spaghetti sauce all over us.
by Bulls2daDeath

Almost to the point where the Spurs don't have to score again
by ES46NE10

i feel bad for people who paid for the good seats
by fsun

Lol Pop calling TO b/c we scored once
by Pippen's blocks on Charles Smith

Ok Pop, now you are trying to outsmart everyone
by Trey23

Troll Pop
by maynardo

Their shooting has cooled down to just 61%
Pop must be fuming
by TianDogg

Diaw is an NBA player, which makes him a bad match up for Boozer.
by TianDogg

I love when other team players help out an opponent up
This is the ultimate sign of respect.
by simonswiss

for the Spurs' sake, i kind of hope they win
cause if they lose after being up 30 for 3 1/2 quarters, i hate to imagine what Pop will do to them. i wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
by BigSmooveDucky

It's a minor miracle we cut it down to 10.
by TianDogg