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Game Links: Spurs at Bulls

The Spurs hit the road and took on the gritty and tough Chicago Bulls. After sprinting out to a solid lead, the Spurs let the bench jog to the finish line.

Jonathan Daniel

Game Flow | Shot Chart

GameTrax | Blog a Bull

Photo Lineup – Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune.

After an emotional win over Miami, Blog a Bull noted, "the Bulls were not able to replicate that performance" during this Spurs clinic.

Pippen Ain’t Easy – Ronald Agers states that in order to beat the Bulls, "teams must bring two things to the table. One is discipline and two, a low post scorer." Looks like the Spurs brought a little bit of both.

Mileage Tracker – Timmy: 1.9 miles / Manu: 1.6 miles / Tony: 2 miles.

Report Cards – Trevor Zickgraf, of 48MOH, gave Tiago Splitter a "C" on his report card. He also asks if it was Portland’s big front line that resulted in his rest. In the same article, under "One Thing We Saw", guess what the topic was: #Manu6MOY.

We all know Kawhi Leonard is a "pest", "a bad man", and "a bird of prey". However, it’s good to see that sites are noticing that he’s one of the reasons that the Spurs may be the "Best in the Business".

Coach Gregg Popovich – Coach Pop calls Marco Belinelli, "a great source for Italian restaurants around the league." He was also asked if this year was his best coaching job - "Haven't they all been brilliant?"

Coach Tom Thibodeau – "That's a championship-caliber team playing on all cylinders, going after it," Thibodeau said of the Spurs. "If you don't match that intensity, you'll be in a big hole."

More Thibs - "They push the ball, they cut well, they shoot well, they play inside-out, they're very good defensively," Thibodeau said. "To me, they're the gold standard of the league in terms of their consistency of winning year after year. So give them a lot of credit."

Standings – The Spurs remain a ½ game ahead of the pesky OKC Thunder.

Can’t get enough of Shot Charts? Have fun!

Sam Smith Tweet:

Bonus Note: Coach Pop’s Coaching Tree.

Up Next: The 42-22 Portland TrailblazersBlazers Edge. Both teams were on the road on Tuesday night and meet up in Portland Wednesday.