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Fantasy Basketball Week 20: Resurrecting Fantasy Manu Ginobili?

This week Pounding the Rock Fantasy Basketball fanatic Phil Naessens answers a question about bringing Manu Ginobili back from the dead and gives his three hot picks for the week

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Week number 20 of the Fantasy Basketball season is upon us. If you are in a ESPN league then this is most likely the last week of the regular season. If you are in a Yahoo league then most likely you have this plus next week before your playoffs are set to begin.

This question came in this morning;

Phil, A few weeks ago you wrote that it was time to say goodbye to Fantasy Manu Ginobili and I agreed with you. However in light of his recent success, is it now time to resurrect Fantasy Manu?

Good question.

While resurrections might make for a great TV show, not to mention the stories of a spiritual nature, they don't always make for great Fantasy Basketball stories or results. Let's take a closer look just to see what's what here.

First of all, he's 61% owned in ESPN leagues so there are a majority of owners out there who believe Ginobili can and will help them. That's a good sign, but if you follow my column, you'll know I like to buck the trends a bit.

The Spurs have four games this week including Portland on the second game of a back to back. It's hard telling what Gregg Popovich will do against Portland, line-up wise, but if history is any indication, then he might possibly rest Ginobili which isn't a good thing for Fantasy owners.

The key for me, especially in a standard ten team league, is minutes played. Simply put, Ginobili doesn't get enough minutes. Over his last 10 games Ginobili is averaging a mere 21.3 minutes per game and even though he's been a great source for assists (4.9) and shooting percentage (53%) plus points (13.1) I'm sorry to say it isn't enough for me to bring Fantasy Manu back from his Fantasy Basketball mausoleum. If Ginobili is available in your 12 team or greater league then by all means bring the old fella back to life and he might possibly help a bubble team reach the playoffs.

Ginobili is one of those high-risk low-reward type of acquisitions that in my opinion isn't worth it.

Here are some guys that I think are worth the risk;

Khris Middleton SF, PF Milwaukee: Milwaukee has been brutally bad this season but they do have five games this week and for my money Middleton is the best Fantasy Option the Bucks have. He's widely available and he will produce for you. (Stats)

Matt Barnes SF Clippers: Perhaps the addition of Danny Granger is behind Barnes' recent tear but with Barnes averaging almost 30 minutes a game the results have been extremely good. He's also widely available and with the Clippers having four games this week he's going to help someone, why shouldn't it be you? (Stats)

Boris Diaw PF C Spurs: I must need my head examined choosing a Spur this week but with four games including a BABA, Diaw is going to get some minutes. And when Diaw gets minutes, he produces. That's a good thing this week. (Stats)

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