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Opponent Comments: Bobcats Edition

In honor of Military Appreciation Night, let's take a look behind enemy lines. The Spurs took no prisoners in the 4th Quarter and we even found Gary Neal.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Here are your official Opponent Game Thread comments. For those unfamiliar, we will be taking a look at what the opposing fans are saying during their game threads. In this case, you can find it here at the SB Nation Blog - Rufus On Fire.

This game turned out to be a second homecoming for Gary Neal -- since he played as a visitor earlier this season when the Bucks came to town -- but it also served as Neal's introduction to the Bobcat fans as it was his first game in a Charlotte uniform. Fair warning: there is a lot of Neal love in this one. This may have been just another game for the Spurs, but theBobcats are in full playoff mode. Sitting in the 7th seed in the East, and under .500, they can ill afford to lose ground on the competition. You'll get a sense of it, once their fans started sensing the inevitable. Mixed in all that, you see their normal dislike for our hero Manu Ginobili and somenew-found fear of a guy named Patty Mills. That said, they do have an Australian fan in that group, so he wasn't completely hated. So, let's dive into it.

* * *

The moment has finally come Gary Neal revenge game!! / i want Neal to hit this last shot / Welcome to the bobcats Neal! / Neal what hustle!! by Griff M


NEAL I just shed a tear / God I love this player who thought he wasn't a good fit? / if Neal plays half this well for us, he'll be a huge asset by adamcawa

haha...he's gonna be a great fit for this team. / Yeah....yeah..yeah...Neal! / he knows his job.our second unit looks more explosive with him. / OH YEAH....OH YEAH...all night baby!!! / Gary neal can do more than the 3s by fantasticfive

neal can be that gunner in the second unit / Neals defence is not to bad / NEAL showing that baller hustle omg wow such effort omg by mitchb2020

Neal is a good fit as the chucker off the bench. I could see him putting up 15 a game off the bench. by FirstCat

Neal! Really like this guy / I would be prefectly content if Neal was to become the starter at the 2 by rock7413

Neal won my heart by Battled

just won my heart also by mitchb2020

[Now, on to the game comments. -TJ]

starting out like a playoff game between good defensive teams...tight and ugly. by fantasticfive

McRoberts taking Duncan to school wow... never thought I'd say that... ever by adamcawa

Are they coming out with a Splitter centric gameplan for a reason?Because, PLEASE keep it coming by MullensMafia

[Uh oh], mills is out there :'( im going for the spurs while he is out thereby mitchb2020

Yay Neal! by JDeLong42

f'in patty mills by plasmasnake


i'll make voodoo stuff on Mills puppet by Battled

CAN WE PLEASE GUARD THE PERIMETER bench can score, but God help us if they keep giving up those shots by adamcawa

Every time I watch the Spurs I'm in awe of how well they execute.Pop is the greatest coach of all time IMO. by BOBSFAN

it's so frustrating to root against. I hate playing the Spurs by MullensMafia

I love their passing and ball movement on offense. I would emulate that if at all possible. by PoAshton

lol the spurs have some funny commercials by Griff M

Manu drunk. by Charlotte Bobcat

dmn balding prick by 123212go

can someone please guard the damn perimeter by adamcawa

Spurs defense crazy. by Charlotte Bobcat

oh boy this is gonna be a great finish by Griff M

I'm so nervous by 123212go

Spurs be hittin some wild ish. by Charlotte Bobcat

That dmn Patty. by Charlotte Bobcat

Nooooooo by Griff M

well, this sucks by 123212go

man fff this bs ughhh by Roger, Roger

F the Spurs by rock7413