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GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Nets

The shorthanded Spurs ran out of gas late in the game and were unable to pull off an upset in Brooklyn on Thursday night. Let's take a quick look at several of the plays that stood out.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Cory Joseph scored a team-high 18 points against the Nets. These two came in garbage time, but it's nice to see CoJo aggressive. Cory attacks the lane but is met by Marquis Teague, so Cory goes into a spin move and almost gets the ball swiped by Mason Plumlee. Joseph keeps the handle and finishes with a little floater. A tip of the hat to Mirza Teletovic, who takes a swipe at the ball instead of challenging the shot.


Here we see Patty Mills probe the defense, find nothing, and pick up his dribble while he looks to make a pass. Deron Williams takes the left side of the floor away, and Andrei Kirilenko steps into the passing lane that Mills would have had to Marco in the corner. But as Kirilenko takes away the corner, he leaves the baseline wide-open for San Antonio's best cutter to exploit. Patty hesitates for a moment before making a nice pass to Marco Belinelli who, finding no resistance, softly lays the ball through the rim.


In this play we see the Spurs in transition. Cory pushes the ball to Danny and he stops at the wing before spotting Nando de Colo, pre-broken nose, wide-open along the baseline. Danny makes a really nice bounce-pass and the only Frenchman available on Thursday night lays it in easily.


Danny Green was good last night when he played 35 minutes and scored 17 points on 11 shots. He also led the team in rebounds and assists. Here we see the Spurs in transition once again. Danny, whose three-point shooting must be respected, hesitates just enough to get Williams to take away the three. Danny pushes right around Deron before pulling up early and dishing to the sneaky de Colo, who has taken advantage of Joe Johnson's inability to take his eyes off of the ball to again go baseline. The pass is pure, and the reverse-layup seemed easy.


One more from Danny before we end this edition of GIF Breakdown. I think a common complaint about Danny's game is his inability to take anyone off the dribble and do anything productive. At least here, he looks good taking a two-dribble drive through the lane before stepping around Andray Blatche and using the glass to get two points. I'm for this Danny. He looks to be in great shape, he seems confident, and if he can add an effective dribble-drive to his game the Spurs will be in good shape once the team gets it's heath back.