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Final Score: Spurs execute late, win 92-82

The good guys win their second in a row and four out of five as they improve to 42-16 for the season.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

That first quarter was rough. The Spurs could get nothing going and even less to drop through the net. They fell behind 14-25 going into the second.

The second quarter was much better for the Spurs and they cut the lead to four at halftime, despite a slew of turnovers. The good guys held the Bobcats fg% in the 30s all game, but couldn't find any separation until they were up eight with half a minute left in the game. San Antonio found help from Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili late, as well as receiving a timely meatball from Marco.

It wasn't a pretty game, but the good guys took care of the ball late, and their excellence at closing games out was crucial in this late February win. Plus, those two, late Danny Green free-throws gave a win to anyone who placed a wager on the Spurs vs. tonight's spread.

A quick Final Score tonight after a good win, because it's Friday night, and there are things to do!

We weren't lucky enough to see OKC lose to the Grizz. Still, your Spurs are down just a game in the loss column to the Thunder, and Tony is expected back for the game against Dallas on Sunday! Possibly a full-squad reunion for that one, which would be just great.

You can check out the opponent perspective at Rufus on Fire.

One last note before I get out of here:

Tim passed the great Hakeem Olajuwon on the all-time rebound list tonight. Tim is alone in 12th spot, and should catch and pass Wes Unseld in the next couple of games for 11th. I know the GOATPUFF doesn't care about stats, but that's pretty cool, and that's the Final Score.

Oh, I almost forgot. Since we missed out on Granger, it looks like 29% of you Pounders would like to see Robert Horry picked up for the 15th spot, though Fred Silva and Meta, Whirled Peas were in second with 17% of the vote each. My boy Stak5 came up with just 11% of the vote--wake up Pounders.