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Game Links: Spurs at Suns

The Spurs end their rodeo road trip going 6-3 and now get five days of rest in their own beds. Here are your game links for the matchup against the Phoenix Suns.

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Game Flow | Shot Chart

In Popovich's post-game interview, Patty Mills' lack of shooting magic was brought up to which Pop thought about it, smirked, and said "Yeah, he couldn't throw it into the ocean."

In looking ahead to playing at home, Tim Duncan now hopes that they can add people back to the squad. Come on, Kawhi!

According to's player tracking, Patty Mills made zero percent of his contested field goal shots, which isn't great considering he took the second most.

Report Cards: The Spurs' grades aren't otstanding, but at least the RRT gets an "A+" overall.

Dan McCarney writes that there were two Wake Forest products out on the court in Phoenix, and Tim Duncan wasn't the better one.

After the game, Ish Smith did what any professional basketball player would do after having a good game: he went to the media and compared himself to Ricky Bobby.

Dave King, over at Bright Side of the Sun, wrote that Goran Dragic basically played decoy for Ish Smith in the game.

Post-game Wrap Up Video: Sean Elliott and Bill Land wrap up the rodeo road trip with a look back to how the Spurs did over the nine-game journey.

The Spurs' next matchup isn't until Wednesday where they will face the Detroit Pistons who just handled the Hawks at home, 115-107.

After the game, I can only imagine Danny Green having to sprint back to the locker room in order to tweet out this bit of hard hitting news to his followers, which is big if true:

Aaaaaand they're officially back in San Antonio!