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GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Trail Blazers

Patty took a shot a minute and Tiago made his triumphant return in the Spurs win over Portland on Wednesday night.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Let's start this off with a rare sighting--the elusive Tiago Splitter jumper. Robin Lopez gives the Brazilian all of the time and room in the world to set up and sink a 20-footer. That makes Tiago 3-3 from 16+ for the season.


Danny Green had just knocked down a three on the previous possession and we see him here in transition. He gets the ball from Boris at half-court and takes a heat check pull-up three that is pure. After the game he told Sean Elliot that Popovich had given him the green light to do it. Check out Timmy on the bench. He is PUMPED UP. Timmy's a Hall-of-Fame teammate.


The Spurs had just sustained an 11-2 run from Portland that tied the game when Marco Belinelli came up with a big-time bucket. He uses a high Tiago screen to get to the top of the arc and knock down the triple. Marco continues to come up big for the Spurs, and he has proven to be a better fit with the Spurs than even the most optimistic of fans had predicted.


Patty took 26 shots last night and knocked down 13 of them. He scored 29 points including 13 in the fourth quarter which really helped the good guys get the win. He's been playing really well lately and his game is really improving; each game I keep thinking about how much he's adding pieces of Tony's game into his own. This is Patty using a high Diaw screen, giving a slight hesitation, and driving to the bucket and finishing with a great little scoop shot. Really impressive stuff from the Aussie.


Let's finish this edition of GIF Breakdown with another play from Splitter, who was playing his first game back after missing several with a calf contusion. In another rare sighting we see Tiago handling the ball on a fast break, to be honest I'm not sure I've ever seen him do it. He looks pretty good out there and makes a solid pass to Beli, who returns the ball to Splitter with a no-look pass getting Splitter a easy field goal. It's nice to have the guy back.