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GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Clippers

The shorthanded Spurs got a relatively easy win in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. Let's look at a some of the stand out plays from the game.

Jeff Gross

Early in the game Tim Duncan established himself in the post, which is how the Spurs' offense ran for much of the game. Here we see Big Fun take on DeAndre Jordan. Tim sizes up the Clipper big, who is taking away Duncan's righty hook through the lane which is not all too bad of a strategy when defending the legend. Duncan uses just a little footwork to pull him just a little further out, giving Timmy just that much more room on the baseline as he makes a strong move to the hoop. Jordan is long and quick, but the GOATPUFF converts off the glass in a sort of reverse up-and-under.


This play features really otstanding back-to-back passes that lead to a three ball. Danny Green tries to find some room, but Jamal Crawford is giving him nothing so Boris sets a screen to get Manu Ginobili the ball. As soon as Manu receives it he puts a bounce-pass on the money to the rolling Diaw, who is met by Jordan in the lane before making a great mid-air pass between Jordan and Chris Paul. That is such an awesome pass. Cory Joseph made my day by coolly knocking down the triple and not wasting those passes.


Manu had just had his shot blocked, so on the ensuing inbound play he loses Crawford and Mills gets the ball to him. It's a great example of Manu being Manu. Often when he turns the ball over, he makes up for it with an immediate steal or block or just general playmaking. So Manu wants to erase that blocked shot, and does so by attacking the entire Clippers team. He weaves his way into the lane and finishes with a ridiculous layup that is just out of reach for DeAndre. Manu is back!


Patty Mills was great on Tuesday night, attacking the defense, knocking down jumpers, and being pesky on his own end. Here he does his best Tony Parker impression as he probes one way, works his way around a hard show, drives through the lane, converts a nifty flip over Blake Griffin (who can jump over a car,) before really paying homage to Baguette by not only finishing, but also falling to the ground. Good day, mate!


Here's another from Patty. He killed the Clippers in the fourth quarter and this is his eleventh straight point for the Spurs. He's clearly feeling it, as he wastes no time finding enough room to pull the trigger.


Let's finish this edition with one more from Manu, because we love Manu. In this play Gino works his way from the left wing to the right block before changing direction and getting to the free throw line before curling back into the lane. Boris sees him and makes another great pass that hits Gino in stride and puts it off the glass for an easy bucket. It is so great that Manu is back and looking good.


Bonus GIF

Blake Griffin is certainly no longer the guy who can only dunk. His game has really improved, from his jumper to his post game. We see you Blake. Quit acting the fool.