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GIF Breakdown: Spurs vs. Kings

The Spurs got a win after losing three straight on Saturday night. Matt Bonner had a great game, as did Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Boris Diaw, and Patty Mills. Let's revisit some of the plays that stood out in the win over the Kings.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Duncan made several outstanding passes against the Kings. This first one led to the first two points of the game for the Spurs. The interestingly named Isaiah Thomas isn't ready for the two-man game of Tony Parker and Duncan. Three passes and excellent timing lead to an easy Tony layup.


Marco Belinelli is quite the cutter. Here he goes backdoor as Tony works his way into the paint with a crossover and a spin-move. Tony spots Marco and just as he finishes his spin move he makes the pass to a waiting Marco, who has no trouble finishing.


Let's watch Timmy and Cory Joseph run a give-and-go. The floor is spaced with shooters around the arc, and with Marcus Thornton getting caught up by Tim and Jason Thompson, CoJo is able to score two of the easiest points in his career. Tim_to_cojo

Here we see Tim receive the ball in the right block, but instead of going to work, he spots Boris cutting through the lane. Duncan uses patience and a surprising pass to get Diaw the ball inside the restricted area. After Boris finds the handle he makes the easy layup, and then he does the customary post-assist "thank you" point to Tim, followed by a rare thumbs up. That's a Bobo approved assist!Tim_to_boris

Check out Boris Diaw take the ball 70-feet and finish with a nice layup. For their part the Kings don't exactly know what to do in transition with the big Frenchman running the break. We see Derek Williams kind of just watch the whole thing happen, but Tony was running to the corner, and you can bet that Diaw would have put the ball on the money for a wide-open Parker three if Williams had tried to get in front of Boris. We also see Isaiah Thomas take away the left side from Boris, who sees that as a sign he should take it to the hole. Carl Landry makes Bobo  work a little for the layup, but after the ball makes a trip around the rim the Spurs have two more points.


Splitter only attempted one field goal in his first game back., and not surprisingly it comes off a pick-and-roll. This play is so slick. Tony pretty much takes Jason Thompson out of the play as he threatens to penetrate the lane. This leaves the rolling Splitter a pretty easy look at the basket. See, Jason Thompson may not have known that Splitter prefers to go with the reverse layup, and he recovers enough to force Tiago to use the rim for protection and finish with the reverse. Please don't throw me in the brier patch.


What kind of GIF Breakdown would this be without the Matt Bonner pump-fake dribble-drive from Saturday night. The Masked Mamba scored seven straight points for the Spurs and these two gave the Spurs a two point lead halfway through the fourth. Matt looks good here, with the fake, a nice two-dribble drive, and finally he pulls up a little early and uses the glass to keep Thompson away from the ball. Excellent work, Matty!


If you watched the game, this play certainly stood out. First there's the Tim pass to Patty that is just low enough that Mills is able to grab it and pass to Parker while he's falling out of bounds. Then Parker makes an aggressive move to the basket, but with nothing there he is forced to pass to Bonner. It's a pretty tough pass - mid-air and around Derek Williams, but it finds it's way to Matt's hands. Matty quickly passes to Boris, who sends the ball to Patty in the corner. Patty drives and finds Timmy in a high-percentage location.


Let's end this edition of GIF Breakdown with the game-winning shot. First we see Tony drive and kick to Bonner, who is forced to make a drive of his own. Bonner doesn't look like he ever really thought he was going to shoot on the drive, and he passes it back to Parker who sees three seconds on the shot clock. Tony's not a great above-the-break three-point shooter, but it's the fourth quarter, so TP calmly lines up the shot, and coldly sinks it. That shot did the trick and the good guys got a good home win before the Rodeo Road Trip.