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NBA Trade Deadline Predictions

The NBA trade deadline is this Thursday, and a number of teams are still looking to deal. Sam Bunnell parlays his vast experience of failed prognostications into predicting what moves will be made, including a potential trade involving the San Antonio Spurs

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We are only two days away from the trade deadline, and it's looking like it might be a quiet one. But we won't let that get in the way of our fun here in SBNation. Today all SBNation's NBA sites are posting their predictions both for their own teams and the rest of the league. So, let's assume that the Spurs trade somebody. What would the deal be?

Spurs Prediction

Spurs send Danny Green, Matt Bonner, and a 2014 first round draft pick to Sixers for Thaddeus Young.

-It benefits the Spurs, because it gives them two young, multi-talented wings in Young and Kawhi Leonard (who they may have to end up parting with to make this trade happen) to build on for the future.

-It makes sense for Philly, because they take on an expiring contract in Bonner, a nice young 3 & D guy in Green, and another first rounder in a deep draft.

League-wide Predictions

Lakers send Jordan Hill to Pelicans for Austin Rivers and the rights to Pierre Jackson.

-It benefits the Lakers, because it rids them of a guy who's fallen out of favor with D'Antonio and is basically wasting away. Jackson has high potential as a scoring punch, and a change of scenery for Rivers could help him.

-It makes sense for New Orleans, because they get a quality reserve big to pair with Anthony Davis, and one who would be an upgrade over the injured Jason Smith.

Timberwolves send Chase Budinger and JJ Barea to Grizzlies for Tayshaun Prince and Tony Allen.

-It benefits Minnesota by bringing in a toughness on defense that they desperately need.

-It makes sense for Memphis by shedding Prince's salary and bringing in a nice young wing on the cheap, as well as an experienced backup point.

Bucks send Ersan Ilyasova, Larry Sanders, and Gary Neal to Nuggets for Kenneth Faried, Andre Miller, and JaVale McGee.

-It benefits Milwaukee by unloading salaries of guys that either aren't happy or just aren't working out for them anymore and replacing them with one of the better young forwards in the league in Faried. McGee, when healthy, should be better than most of their front court options, and Miller could provide veteran presence and consistency.

-It makes sense for Denver, because they get value back for Faried, before he leaves in free agency. Sanders could return to his 2012 form alongside Hickson, and Ilyasova would be a nice stretch four for them. Neal fills a guard spot that only Foye is suited for on their current roster.

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Now it's your turn, people. Here is the link to the Trade Machine. Post your predictions in the comments.