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Fantasy Basketball Week 17: The Trade Blake Griffin for Tim Duncan Edition

Pounding the Rock Fantasy Basketball fanatic Phil Naessens discusses a blockbuster trade proposal and gives his three hot picks for the week.


Week 17 of the Fantasy Basketball season continues (week 16 for ESPN Leagues), and the end of a long season is in sight. 10 NBA teams have four games, 18 teams have three games and Oklahoma City and Philadelphia have only 2 games, so we should see some great results and exciting matchups.

The following trade came across my desk that I thought was interesting:

Dear Phil,

I was offered Tim Duncan and Mike Dunleavy today for Blake Griffin. Should I pull the trigger or let this one pass?

Good question.

I suppose trading Tim Duncan and Mike Dunleavy would be very beneficial to this owner. Dunleavey isn't exactly setting the Fantasy Basketball world on fire this season, and with much better options available on the waiver wire, it's hard to believe he's even on a standard 10-team head to head roster. He won't help you very much unless you need three pointers, and he'll get you about 4 a week. Not enough for my taste, and as I said before, there are better options available.

Tim Duncan is having another tremendous Fantasy season. He started out slow, and believe it or not, owners were actually dropping him. The problem with Duncan will be minutes, especially down the stretch. During the remainder of the Fantasy regular season the Spurs have 3 back to back games, and you can almost expect he'll be sitting during the back end of those, so he won't be much help to you.

Griffin is having a monster Fantasy season, and to be honest, I wouldn't do this trade unless I received a better second player than Dunleavy. Even then I might not do this deal. It would have to depend on the second player.

I have three picks this week that ought to help your Fantasy teams.

Chris Kaman C Lakers: The Lakers center is averaging a double double over his last five games and is giving decent value across the board. Hopefully he can continue this, and if he does, Fantasy owners will be very happy campers (Stats)

Dion Waiters SG Cavaliers: Waiters has been up and down like a roller coaster this season, but with four games this week, he should get enough minutes to make picking him up a worthwhile risk. (Stats)

Terrence Ross SG Raptors: Toronto has four games this week, and if you need threes, you'll get a bushel basket full from Ross, especially if he plays over 28 minutes, which seems to be the case these days. (Stats)

On today's Phil Naessens Show, Kevin Lipe joined me to talk about Marc Gasol's knee problems, Tom Lewis and I looked at what's left of the Indiana Pacers schedule, and Kyle McKeown and I answered your Fantasy basketball questions about trades, including one about Tony Parker. You can listen below or download the show here.

PtR Week 16 Results

This shortened week saw two upsets. FUNdamentals defeated league leader Tarheel Triple and second place Kwahisenberg Level was defeated by MG20TD21's. For the rest of the scores see the link provided below.