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Game Links: Spurs at Celtics

Right on time for the All-Star Break, Spurs earn a win and some R&R. Boston, on the other hand, gets an unfriendly reminder: Tim Duncan!

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Game Flow | Shot Chart

In PtR’s Recap, J. Gomez points out that Tim Duncan decided the Spurs were going to win this one…and that’s that!

Coach Popovich talks about the Spurs bench, filling in for injured players, during this video interview: "They give everything they’ve got."

More Pop: After watching Tim Duncan turn back the clock, Coach Pop went sci-fi with it-"He was a monster".

Once again, Tim Duncan gives Boston fans a reminder of what they could have had.  Check out this shot chart by halves.

Speaking of bad Boston memories…The Dynasty That Wasn’t: ‘Nuff Said!

Steve Bulpett, of the Boston Herald, goes with a familiar headline-Celtics can't handle Duncan, Spurs.

Coach Brad Stevens, commenting on an injured Spurs squad, considers this to be the "most inspiring basketball I've ever watched".  Scroll down to the notes and see for yourself.

Chris Forsberg, of ESPN, thinks the Turning Point of the game came a minute into the 4th Quarter.  A healthy dose of Diaw, Patty and Timmy can do that.

Silver Lining Time:  Tim MacLean, over at CelticsBlog, thinks their bench was the main reason the game was "as close as it was".

As fans, we may be focused on the current injury epidemic.  Kevin Erickson, of isportsweb gives us a solid reminder of how Coach Popovich is just preparing for the playoffs.

On the other hand, Gerry Callahan offers Danny Ainge a friendly reminder: Tanks A Lot.  The emphasis is on tanking.

As the Eastern Conf. Player of The Week, Jared Sullinger was averaging 20 points a game.  San Antonio held him to 4 points, on 2-9 shooting.

You know, this post felt like I was kicking dirt in Boston’s eye.  We’ll end it on a high note:  Happy Birthday, to the great Bill Russell!

Up Next:  The NBA All-Star Game of course!  See you on the other side.