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GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Celtics

The Spurs ended the East-Coast part of their Rodeo Road Trip with a win over the Celtics on Wednesday night, and there were lots of plays that deserve a second look. Here are nine of them.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Boris Diaw had a nice game against Boston finishing with 18 points on 12 shots, and here are the first two of the game. Boris goes to work against Brandon Bass and finds himself in the lane where he sinks a nice hook. He starts his move quickly and doesn't hesitate going into his shot at all, In fact, Boris shoots so quickly that Bass isn't even able to get off the floor at all. Diaw is dangerous when he's looking to score, as well as a ton of fun to watch.


Tim Duncan, great outlet passer that he is, secures a rebound and looks down the court to where Boris has leaked out to start a OMFB. Duncan's pass leads Boris and he is aggressive immediately. 100 times out of 100 Boris should attack Kelly Olynyk if that's all that's between him and a bucket. That was too easy for Bobo, who gives a fake to his left before driving around Olynyk and finishing with a nice reverse-layup. Again, Diaw's defender can't even contest the shot.


This is Shannon Brown's first dunk as a Spur. Cory Joseph grabs a loose ball and makes a little pass to Brown, who wastes no time showing off that big vertical he has. Not much Bayless could do there, and Shannon finishes with ease.


Here we see Cory Joseph use a Boris screen (Diaw sets some of the best screens you'll see in the NBA) to work his way into the lane. CoJo loses Kris Humphries by stopping on a dime, spinning on his pivot foot to get some separation, and then gets a quick shot off before Humphries can get to it. Excellent stuff here from Cory that reminds me of this GIF of Kawhi Leonard spinning LeBron James around in last year's Finals. It's almost like someone is teaching all of the Spurs the same moves, or something.


Here Diaw is again featured again -- he really had a nice game. In this one Timmy makes a move through the lane, but the ball takes a tough bounce off of the rim. No problem, because Boris is there to grab the rebound and put the ball back up with some outrageous spin to get it to go. That's a pretty tough layup to make, and it's so great to have a guy that I feel confident can make it. Notice that it's the right spin to score the ball off the glass and/or the front of the rim.


Here are two for the Spurs that pretty much sealed the game. Marco almost fakes himself out with a shot fake, his feet are as close to coming off of the ground as it's possible to be without actually travelling. He then drops off a fantastic bounce pass to Big Fun, who just barely gets enough out of some tired legs to throw down a one-hand jam. Pretty good stuff from the GOATPUFF. The bench, yeah, they like it.


Let's watch Tim work his magic in the left block. Spin move, pump fake, up-and-around, before finally -- the bank shot. Classic Duncan.


Marco Belinelli, who had a fantastic game of his own - finishing just shy of a triple-double, finds Danny Green -- who has beaten the entire Celtic team in transition -- with a 60-foot outlet pass. Great vision and pass from the Italian, and Danny flushes the wide-open dunk.


We'll end this edition of GIF Breakdown with another Marco assist to Danny. Okay, maybe he wasn't trying to pass the ball to Danny (and he sure wasn't credited with an assist) as it was more of a desperation turn-around jumper as the shot clock was winding down. Danny's tracking it the whole way and finds himself in just the right position to catch it and put it back up in about half a second -- which was necessary as he let go of the ball just before the 24 second clock expired. Sometimes things break your way, and at this point in the game, things were breaking for the Spurs. Good win from the good guys going into the all-star break.