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Game Links: Spurs at Pistons

The All-Star break will be here soon... the All-Star break will be here soon... the All-Star break will be here soon... Here are your game links for Monday's matchup against the Detroit Pistons.

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Game Flow | Shot Chart

Popovich on the Pistons playing their first game after Mo Cheeks' firing: "They brought it for a variety of reasons and kicked our ass."

Detroit came into the game against the Spurs with elevated energy and emotion, and Tim Duncan saw it coming.

Danny Green hurt his hand in the first quarter, but fully expects to play in Wednesday's game against the Celtics.

In his first post-game press conference as interim head coach, John Loyer responded to what he thought his coaching style was by saying, "It's my first game. I have no style."

Dan McCarney notes that Monday's game against Detroit marked the Spurs' 22nd different starting lineup of the season.

Pop claimed that his team's first-half defense was the worst he's seen all year, but Jeff McDonald writes that it wasn't even the worst defense of the RRT.

Paul Garcia explains how this game was a reminder of how San Antonio hasn't been able to reach a certain level of consistency yet.

Pistons' interim head coach John Loyer came into the game telling his team that it was going to be an "emotional day."

Brian Packey over at Detroit Bad Boys credited Loyer as the person who stood out the most in the game, saying he "looked like a natural."

Here are Trevor Zickgraf's grades for each of the Spurs from the game on 48 Minutes of Hell.

If you need a pick-me-up to take your mind off of the loss, here's 20 photos of Manu Ginobili working out before the game in Detroit.

In other good news, Tony Parker was named FIBA Europe Player of the Year this past weekend for -- surprisingly -- the first time.

The Spurs' last stop before the All-Star break is in Boston where they will face a Celtics squad that just demolished the Bucks, 102-86.