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GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Pistons

The Spurs had their butts whooped by the Pistons on Monday night. We'll check out a couple of plays before putting this one behind us.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The first four points of the game were scored by Nando de Colo, and both of his buckets were assisted by a Spurs big man. In the first we see Nando and Duncan with a give-and-go: Duncan fakes the hand off and waits patiently until he makes a perfect pass to de Colo, who finishes with a nifty little layup off the glass. In the second, we see Parker feed Baynes in the right block (I know, when do we see TP give Aron the ball?) and the Big Banger shows pretty good vision as he surveys the court and spots Nando cutting from 30 feet out. Aron may not make a pinpoint pass, but it was good enough, and de Colo gets an awkward, leaning scoop-layup to go.


Tim Duncan struggled early on in this contest, turning the ball over like a hundred times as the refs swallowed their whistles. Here Tim gets the ball just a bit above the elbow and immediately drives to the hole. He takes one dribble and finishes the strong move with a one-hand jam. It's nice to see Big Fun aggressive on the way to the rack.


Jeff Ayres is fast. No really, he's remarkably quick for a guy his size. Check him out here as he secures the rebound and immediately gives the ball to Patty Mills. One skip to get the turbos working before Jeff is off, and before the Pistons know what's going on, he's wide open in the middle of the lane with nothing between him and the hoop. Patty throws a one-armed bullet to big Jeff, who does one of the things he does best--DUNK!


We'll finish this brief edition of GIF Breakdown with Patty Mills finding a way to score. He comes around a Boris screen, but it doesn't seem like he's going to shoot it. Then he stops at the right elbow and quickly gets his shot off. I'm not sure how much of this I want to see, but with The Manu out, it's nice to have a confident player that can use a screen to get his own shot.