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Fantasy Basketball Week 16: Grading the San Antonio Spurs

Pounding the Rock Fantasy Basketball fanatic Phil Naessens grades the San Antonio Spurs and Coach Gregg Popovich.


It's week #16, and actually it's two weeks. We take a break from Thursday and pick it back up the Tuesday following the All-Star break. Four weeks left until the playoffs begin, and I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited as these last couple of weeks are usually the most fun. Well, for me anyway.

Rather than give you a couple of picks, I thought, since this is a San Antonio Spurs website, that I would grade the Spurs based on their Fantasy results, and, unlike most, I'm also going to grade the illustrious and highly esteemed Gregg Popovich as well.

Hang onto you hats, Pounders, this is going to be an interesting ride!

Shannon Brown: New to the squad and, to perfectly honest, he's not worth talking about in terms of Fantasy Basketball. He gets an incomplete.

Othyus Jeffers: His name has a ring to it, that's for sure, but that's all that's ringing, as far as Jeffers is concerned. He's another one that gets an incomplete.

Aron Baynes: Didn't he use to have a different name? No wait, that was another Spurs Fantasy dud. Guess it doesn't really matter, because he has zero value as a Fantasy player. He also gets an incomplete.

Nando de Colo: He's on a roll the last couple of games. He won't help your roster very much, but if you had him Saturday as a value pick in a daily game (nobody did), he did okay for you, but outside of that he won't be much help to your roster. I'll give him a D-.

Matt Bonner: The Red Mamba has had some decent Fantasy results this season. It's too darn bad hardly anyone took advantage, because he isn't on too many rosters. It's also too bad we don't have a mask to protect us from his stats because they are Fantasy bad. I'll give him a D-.

Cory Joseph: I always seem to want to name him Curtis, but that's another sport and a more successful Fantasy player. He lit it up against Brooklyn, but as soon as everyone gets healthy, back to Splinterville for him. He's .01 percent owned, so maybe his mother owns a team? I give him a D.

Jeff Ayres: Ayres is a good rebounder but he doesn't get enough minutes for Fantasy owners to get any use of that. You think if he changed his name back to Pendergraph, Popovich would use him more? I give him a D-.

Tiago Splitter: Great defender and rebounder and can score when given the chance, but injuries and better scorers in front of him have greatly hurt his Fantasy Value. I had him on a winning Daily roster the night he scored 22 against the Clippers, so just for that he gets a C-.

Danny Green: "Icy Hot" has been a major Fantasy disappointment this season. Maybe we all thought too much of him after last season. When he's on, he can light it up, but he just isn't on very often, and it's killing Fantasy owners. Lately he once again started showing signs of his scoring self, and then he lays a stinker against Charlotte. He gets a D.

Patty Mills: I like watching Mills play. He's exciting to watch and he's able to really score when he gets time on the court to do so. He is an excellent Daily Value pick, and if he were on another team, he might be a star. Unfortunately for Fantasy owners, he plays for the Spurs, and we all know what that means. He gets a C+.

Boris Diaw: Boris might be the reason the Spurs are doing so well this season. He's had some stat-stuffing Fantasy games, and if you were lucky enough to take advantage of it, then God bless you! He just doesn't get enough floor time to put him on a weekly roster. Good daily pick, especially when Splitter's out. He gets a C.

Marco Belinelli: He fits right in with the Spurs and looks like he's been with them his entire career. Unfortunately, he plays for the Spurs and simply doesn't get enough minutes for consideration other than the deepest leagues. The guy sure can score though. He gets a C.

Manu Ginobili: He's been a Fantasy Stallion for years, but bad hamstrings and a lack of minutes have greatly diminished his Fantasy value. I loved the game against Portland and I'm glad I rode the Stallion one last time. He gets a B-.

Kawhi Leonard: His season got derailed with a broken hand, but man oh man, he's been a great Fantasy value this season. Hopefully, he can pick up where he left off, so watch the waiver wire once he's available. He gets a B.

Tony Parker: He's had some remarkable nights this season, hasn't he? There aren't enough good things to say about him Fantasy-wise, except I would love to see him average 32 minutes a game, but Popovich won't ever do that. He gets a B.

Tim Duncan: The old gray man is still what he used to be. Has he had a Fantasy season for the ages! He's had better, but at 37 he's playing like he did when he was 27. Incredible numbers and he's very consistent night in and night out. I understand why Popovich rests him, but for an owner it sucks. He gets an A.

Gregg Popovich: He may very well be the best coach in the NBA, but in terms of Fantasy Basketball he's the worst. His rotations are silly, and he doesn't give his best players enough minutes to make it worthwhile to own practically any Spurs player. He gets an F.

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