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Final Score: Spurs eek out win over Kings, 95-93

Well that was a close one. In the end the Spurs played just well enough to get by Sacramento.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

0:12 remaining in the 4th 1 2 3 4 Total
Sacramento Kings 24 29 25 15 93
San Antonio Spurs 27 25 19 23 94

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Look what we have here. A Spurs WIN! It was much needed after that three-game slide.

The Spurs had Tiago Splitter available for the first time since his shoulder injury, and while he didn't impact the box score much, it was nice to see him back. Shannon Brown made his Spurs debut as well tonight and he started. He played 13 minutes in the game and had two points, two rebounds, and one assist. He also received a cut to the eye when Rudy Gay crashed into the bench. In addition he appeared to injure his hand. Let's hope it's not a metacarpal. Jeez.

37-year old Tim Duncan was great tonight. That dude never stops impressing me. Tonight he missed a couple of late game free throws that would have pushed the Spurs lead to three with 13 seconds left, but besides that he was fantastic tonight. He finished with 23 points (8-of-13), 17 rebounds, five assists, two blocks, one turnover, and zero fouls. He was the best player in the game, and he's been excellent since that November start. Since December started Tim is averaging 16 points on 51% shooting, and 11.2 boards per game.

Tony Parker, Patty Mills, and Boris Diaw were also good tonight. They helped out when the Spurs needed them.

But Matt Bonner, the Masked Mamba, took the game over for about three possessions. He knocked down a three, hit a jumper, and had a pump-fake dribble drive for a score. It was really fun to watch, and after the layup the Spurs were up two. They held on to win by the same margin.

The Spurs needed this one, it's the last home game for a long time as the Spurs start the Rodeo Road Trip on Monday in New Orleans.

Spurs win! And your team goes to 34-13.