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Shannon Brown highlights

What can Shannon Brown give the Spurs? I'm guessing a lot of dunks.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Spo

As you have undoubtedly heard by now, the Spurs have signed Shannon Brown to a 10-day contract. In terms of free agent talent, this is one of the bigger names that San Antonio has brought in for the past few years (which may say more about the Spurs than it does about Brown). While he hasn't yet been able to stick with a team during his career, Brown is no slouch for highlights, garnering his fair share of Youtube videos.

When talking about Shannon Brown, the first thing that should come to mind is otherworldly athleticism. He has a 44.5" vertical leap, larger than that of LeBron James! Brown isn't shy about using his hops either, especially on transition slams.

The 6'3" guard musters all of his strength and obscene 6'9" wingspan to somehow throw this one down despite the horrible pass from Steve Blake.

Brown always does a great job of looking to run in transition.

Back when Brown was evil, he even showcased his hops against the good guys.

Oh, and if you ever question his vertical leap, just remember this play.

Brown doesn't just rely on transition buckets either. He has shown potential to get shots off of the dribble in the half court set with a solid handle and ability to burst to the rim.

And his athleticism does not just influence his offensive game. Brown is able to catch up to defenders with his insane leaping ability, key for getting stops in transition. This could be especially vital for an older team like the Spurs.

Athleticism has never been a staple of San Antonio's game, but if Brown can do plays like this, he may just last for more than 10 days.

And while it may be a nice change of pace to see some vicious dunks and rejections, I am most looking forward to Shannon's half court defense. In 2009, Matt Kamalsky of DraftExpress described Brown as a:

"Really solid defensive guard. Long, aggressive, active, quick, and strong. Gets down in a stance and shows solid lateral explosiveness, though he doesn't respond well when he has to change directions on a dime. Doesn't get blow by very often, preferring to give a foul than an easy basket. Shows solid defensive fundamentals when closing out shooters, not leaving his feet for anything short of a very aggressive shot fake. Displays very active hands, allowing him to strip the ball away in some situations. Lack of ideal lateral agility hurt him against some elite guards, though he's able to compensate with other tools, and does a very nice job against shooting guards as well."

I wouldn't be too surprised if this is what enticed PATFO to him. Even five years ago, Brown appeared to be a seasoned veteran who would mesh perfectly into San Antonio's defensive schemes. And a guy who shows "solid defensive fundamentals when closing out shooters" has to be at the very least intriguing.

What are your thoughts on Shannon Brown? Is he a low-risk, high-reward player or should the Spurs have stayed with Othyus Jeffers or Malcolm Thomas?