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Game Preview: Minnesota Timberwolves @ San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs return from their road trip to welcome the Love-less Timberwolves to town.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Timberwolves @ San Antonio Spurs

AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas
December 6, 2014, 7:30 p.m. Spurs Time

It was the consensus among NBA pundits at the start of the season that the Minnesota Timberwolves would be fun. Terrible, but fun. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah... about that...


There have been some highlights for Minny, including a 28-point outing from Zach LaVine, but disasters left and right have overshadowed the good. One of the lowest points came during their "basketball game" on Wednesday.

Minnesotans are well known for their courteous and mild-mannered behavior. There's no better example of this than their Wolves staving off a victory so that the worst team in NBA history could avoid the worst start in NBA history. How kind of them.

In this disaster of a performance, the T-Wolves turned the ball over an astounding 18 times, and boldly doubled down by missing a grand total of 54 shots (35.7 percent from the field). It certainly didn't help that they're dealing with a variety of maladies.

With Ricky Rubio, Kevin Martin and Nikola Pekovic injured, this dumpster fire of a roster got even more dumpster fire-y. In theory, these injuries give more playing time to the young'uns who are trying to assimilate into the NBA, and make the team better in the long run. The problem is that all of the young studs are playing on the court at the same time, with little veteran leadership. Mo Williams and Thad Young are playing hefty minutes, as well, but you have to wonder if they are more concerned with finding a way out to a playoff contender than with playing as a cog in long-term roster development.

Minnesota can one day be loads of fun. They've got oodles of talent, with Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine, Ricky Rubio, Nikola Pekovic, and heck, even Anthony Bennett. This team could pan out under the right veteran leadership and coaching. They may not have either right now, but at least they have the talent and they don't have David Kahn.

Matchup to watch: Kawhi Leonard vs. Andrew Wiggins. Two players with loads of potential and athleticism could make for some jaw-dropping highlight plays on both ends of the court. Wiggins has put up a series of promising games in his early career, but Kawhi's had a few for himself, as well.


Minnesota Timberwolves (4-13)

San Antonio Spurs (13-5)

December 6, 2014

AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas

7:30 p.m. CST



Tony Parker


Mo Williams

Danny Green


Corey Brewer

Kawhi Leonard


Andrew Wiggins

Boris Diaw


Thaddeus Young

Tim Duncan


Gorgui Dieng

Game prediction: We're bound to see another patented "Mo Williams torches the Spurs" game. HE SHOOTS 50.2 PERCENT FROM THE FIELD AND 47.2 PERCENT FROM DEEP AGAINST THE SPURS, AND 43.7 PERCENT FG, 38.4 PERCENT 3PT AGAINST THE WHOLE LEAGUE. I don't expect it will matter. Spurs by 15.

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