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Fan Duel Promo Code: Get a 100% deposit bonus

Click here to use FanDuel promo code SBNSPURS2, get 100% deposit bonus

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SB Nation will be hosting several fantasy basketball tournaments throughout the season with FanDuel. These are one day leagues and should be a fun way to interact with the SB Nation community. If you miss the tournament, the promo code can be used on any day.

Our own Galfusica won the first one of these SB Nation tournaments. Are your GM skills as good as his? The tournament is limited to 110 entries and it costs $5 to enter. The top 20 teams will receive a payout.

So come test your NBA GM skills against SB Nation's writers and editors and other community members by playing in our exclusive FanDuel tournament tonight, Friday the 5th!

Click here to join Friday's tournament.

If you are not already a member of FanDuel click here and you'll get a 100% first time matching deposit bonus ($200 max) exclusive to SB Nation readers.

Use the hashtag #FanDuelSBN to brag about your lineup.

I'll be playing as RockandHammer and a bunch of guys from the other SB Nation NBA blogs will also be participating. So join us tonight for what should be a fun little tournament.

Tell us what your user name is in the comments and let's do this thing!