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Final Score: Spurs fall in OT, 95-93

Well that was pretty disappointing. The Spurs forced overtime after trailing by 15 in the fourth, but came up one shot short in the middle of their FIGASENI.

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Tony Parker didn't finish, Tim Duncan missed chip shots, Bonner missed open threes, there were missed layups all around. This was one ugly game from the Spurs for the first three quarters.

The Spurs may have missed a ton of good looks, but Brooklyn did play pretty good defense for the most part and at moments looked very fluid on offense. Check out this play from the Nets. Pretty passing that leads to a open three for Mirza Teletovic. Teletovic had a great night for the Nets with 26 on 13 shots and 15 rebounds.

nets mvmt

After 42 minutes with the lid on the Spurs finally got something going in the fourth. They used a 9-0 run to pull within five of the Nets. All of the momentum was with the Spurs and over the next few possessions they got great looks and just failed to see the ball fall through the net. Danny and Timmy missed shots they make 80 or 90 % of the time. A beautiful hammer from Timmy freed Danny for a triple and Manu hit one of his own on the next possession to pull the Spurs within one. Then Brook Lopez banked in an 18-footer. That's right. He banked it in. Even Brook was laughing after that one. By the time the fourth quarter was over the Spurs forced overtime after a gutsy catch-and-shoot three at the top of the arc from Danny and good enough defense on Joe Johnson to force a miss.

In overtime Joe Johnson scored in the post after missing 12 straight shots to give the Nets a five-point lead. All of a sudden it was deja vu from the fourth quarter. Another hammer from Duncan with a pass from Gino to Danny for a corner three. Ginobili wasn't able to hit his three the following possession. The Nets held a two-point lead and the ball with 15 seconds left in the game. A double of Bogdanovich from Ginobili and Joseph forced a turnover. Spurs ball down 95-93 with nine seconds on the clock.

Manu Ginobili missed left on a three to win the game, Kawhi knocked the rebound loose, a scramble ensued, Cory Joseph grabbed the ball, Brook Lopez grabbed the ball and the refs called a jump ball with .2 seconds left.

That was a great comeback in the fourth quarter, but it ended up just being a tease as the good guys couldn't come up with the W.

The winning streak stops at eight and your Spurs fall to 13-5.

Next Up:

The Spurs will play a BABA (back-to-boack) on Friday and Saturday at the Grizzlies and at home against Minnesota.