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Manu Ginobili's circus shot against the Clippers

You HAVE to see this brilliant finish from Manu Ginobili.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Man, this finish from Manu Ginobili is so incredible it deserves its own post. The wily Argentine comes off a screen from Aron Baynes and takes it right at DeAndre Jordan. Manu gets Jordan into the air with a fake, spins around and then jumps to lay it in only to find that Jordan has quickly recovered and is ready to swat Manu's next attempt. So what does Gino do? With Jordan back in the air he double-clutches, brings the ball all the way back down and then flicks the ball from his side with ridiculous english off the glass for the score. Unbelievable.


Here's the baseline angle.


The Manu is so much fun to watch play the game.