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Marco Belinelli stars in a rap video

Kawhi is probably next, as soon as some enterprising hip-hop artist figures out what rhymes with "indubitably."

"Mine was much better, right, TD?"   "Ugh, I still can't believe I let you talk me into that."
"Mine was much better, right, TD?" "Ugh, I still can't believe I let you talk me into that."
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

My Italian colleague Riccardo Pratesi gave me a heads up about a music video that's dropping (is that the word the kids use these days?) there today. It's a rap video by an artist called "Ghemon" and it features our Italian, Marco Belinelli. Enjoy.

I'm sure most of you are aware that the Spurs aren't strangers to appearing or even starring in rap videos, thanks to the wee Frenchman. Also, Stephen Jackson has a few songs you can find that I absolutely won't link to because of gratuitous use of N-bombs. I suppose we can look at this as another chapter of a book in the Spurs library that Gregg Popovich will never, ever, remotely be interested in checking out.

Just getting these collection of geezers to hop without straining or pulling a muscle is a challenge. Hip-hop? Forget it.

As for Belinelli, it's amazing what being a tenth-man on a NBA Champion does for your off-season calender. In addition to nodding semi-rhythmically in the above video, he also lost a three-point shooting competition to a robot Matt Bonner and got a tattoo of his new friend Larry. Oh and he still found the time to drag some cars around. It never fails, the one time you forget your wallet, you run out of gas.

I definitely have to ask Manu if any Argentine rappers have approached him with offers.