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GIF Breakdown:Spurs at Jazz

That game wasn't much fun to watch for Spurs fans. The Jazz figured out how to pull out a victory and it came at the expense of the defending champs. There were a handful of nice plays from the game for the Spurs so let's take a second look at some of them.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It's too bad they weren't all this easy. Here's a beautiful inbounds play for the Spurs. Manu Ginoili started his move as soon as the referee gave the ball to Kawhi Leonard which left Alec Burks out of the play. Derrick Favors decided to step up to deny Gino the elbow jumper which completely freed Tim Duncan.


This one makes it just for the unorthodox shot attempt from Duncan. Tim has great position under the basket, Boris Diaw sends the ball his way and he attempts a behind-the-back lay-in. We'll never know if it would have fallen, my guess is yes, as Derrick Favors goaltends. In all of his 18 seasons I don't think I've ever seen Duncan attempt that shot.

bobo tim

I think this was the next Spurs possession and Boris makes quite the play. As Ginobili drives Diaw moves just enough to give Gino an angle to bail out the airborne Argentine. Boris gathers the ball, the rookie Exum scrambles to get back to Belinelli, Kahwi makes a great cut and is fed the ball on a semi-hand off that leads to a layup for Leonard.

bobo whi

I'm going to take this as a good sign in a game that had little good about it for the Spurs. Kawhi, who has become quite the effective post scorer, works deep into the paint against Gordon Hayward and draws a double from Rodney Hood. That leaves Manu wide open and Kawhi hits him with a nice bounce-pass that led to one of Manu's three buckets on his 17 attempts.

whi manu

I didn't intend to have all of Boris' assists in here, but they're just too nice to leave out. Belinelli kicks it over to Boris and immediately cuts to the hoop. Rudy Gobert and Aron Baynes are both fooled by Beli going up for the shot and don't see him pass it to Boris as they fight for rebounding position. That leaves Marco free to catch the pass from Bobo and make the bucket. Really pretty stuff from the international duo.

bobo beli

One last one from Diaw. Here he curls into the lane, draws the attention of three defenders and finds big Tim for the jam. Once Favors turns away from Tim it's too easy for the veteran big men.

bobo timmy

Let's end this edition of GIF Breakdown with a play from the Jazz.

The Spurs had stolen the ball and had a 3-on-1. Cory Joseph decided that it would be best to turn around and give the trailing Danny the ball. Not a bad idea, but because it was the kind of night it was, Danny runs right into Joe Ingles, who is just standing there, and loses the ball. Ingles picks it up, races back down the court and makes a nice pass to Dante Exum for the open triple.

jazz play

See you Pounders after the Knickerbocker game.