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Bellinelli and Splitter out against Clippers on Monday night

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Tiago Splitter is still having problems with his calf and back while Marco Belinelli is still recovering from his groin strain suffered against the Atlanta Hawks.

It's going to be a tough West Coast trip this week with DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin, Andrew Bogut, Jordan Hill and DeMarcus Cousins coming up in the next four games. The Spurs could really use some of the Brazilian's defense. Before the season, I thought that the Spurs would be 3-4 over their first seven and then start winning with an easier schedule coming up, but Sacramento is playing well and that's certainly not going to be an easy one if Splitter is still out on Saturday. It's going to be an interesting week. Let's hope the Spurs start Spursing soon and avoid returning to San Antonio at 3-6.

The official release from the Spurs:


Marco Belinelli (mild strain, right groin), Patty Mills (right shoulder surgery) and Tiago Splitter (tightness, right calf) are listed as out for Monday's game in Los Angeles vs. the Clippers.