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Spurs Infographic: New Orleans at San Antonio

Your infographic and links from the Spurs' loss to the Pelicans on Saturday night.

Click the infographic for full size.

pelicans ig


And here are your game links:

Standings - The Spurs are all alone at the bottom of the Southwest. It is an incredible division, but still. Feels wrong. Have the Spurs ever been at the bottom of their division in the Duncan era?

When the Spurs made it interesting with a late second-unit push, Michael Erler noted, "To everyone's shock, the strategy --if it can even be called strategy when Pop was just resting his guys-- worked.' in his recap of the game.

Oleh at The Bird Writes saw it a little differently, writing, 'White flag? Not a chance. It was as though the Big 3 were some sort of anchor' in hisrecap from the Pelicans point of view.

48 Minutes of Hell's Matthew Tynan handed out his report card in El Conclusión. Tony Parker received an A for 'maybe his best game as a scorer' and Austin Daye earned a D because, well, 'he hasn't found his mark at all this season.'