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Final Score: Spurs blown out by Rockets, 98-81

Cory Joseph was the only Spur to shoot over 50%, so there's that.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Somehow the Spurs missed their first 11 shots and found themselves down just seven points halfway through the first quarter. It was pretty ugly out there with some air balls from the good guys. A little over six minutes in, Kyle Anderson checked in for the first time, promptly took a 20-footer and missed his first career field goal attempt. By the time the first quarter thankfully ended, both teams had combined for 33 points on 37 shots. San Antonio put up 22 of those attempts, connected on six, three of those made by Cory Joseph.

With no Duncan or Splitter, Dwight Howard dominated down low and scored 16 points and grabbed eight rebounds just 18 minutes into the game. I think he had like four alley-oops in that time as well. To make it worse, the Spurs committed three 24-second violations, James Harden was actually trying on the defensive end, and to really rub it in, Jason Terry converted a four point play.

By the time the first half came to an end the Spurs missed three quarters of their shots, scored an embarrassing 29 points and trailed the Rockets by 16.

The second half didn't start out any better for the good guys. James Harden converted a four point play, the Rockets went up 22. Boris Diaw then hit a three for the Spurs. It was their first of the night, having missed their first 15.

Boris Diaw stuffed the stat sheet during the game, but not in a good way. The big Frenchman finished with 7 points, 5 fouls and five turnovers.

The Rockets took a 31 point lead and then, eventually, the game ended.

This one just counts once and the Spurs will try again in a couple days when they host Anthony Davis and the Pelicans on Saturday night.