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Spurs Infographic: Hawks at Spurs

Your infographic and game links for Wednesday night's win over the Atlanta Hawks.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

What a game from Tim Duncan! The GOATPUFF just continues to do things that just shouldn't be able to be done this far into his career. There's little left to say about the man...what a treat it is to still get to watch Big Fun perform at an unreal level. Here's your infographic:

hawks IG

And here are your links:

48 Minutes of Hell's Trevor Zickgraf gave Tim Duncan an A+ for his performance tonight in their report card. It's a well deserved score. Other than Tim, only Gregg Popovich received an A for the game, although no one scored less than Jeff Ayres' B-. Perhaps the grading is a little soft, but the team did pull out the victory.

Also at 48 Minutes of Hell, Caleb Saenz worked up What's the Story, where he presents the best tweets of the night.

Brad Rowland of Peachtree Hoops contends that there was some questionable officiating late in the game that helped the Spurs pick up the win in their recap.

Here are the standings nine days into the season. Memphis, Golden State and Houston are still unbeaten in the West.

Paul Garcia of Project Spurs noted that the Spurs 'defended very well throughout the night, as they held the Hawks to 92 points on the night' in his take on the game.

Up next the Spurs get no rest after playing just two games over the first eight nights of the season as they travel to Houston to battle the Rockets on Thursday night at 7 p.m. (Spurs time) on TNT. This is the second game of the Spurs' current FIGASENI (five games in seven nights) that the Spurs are on. Perhaps you remember that I wrote that the Spurs don't lose because it's a SEGABABA (second game of a back-to-back) but that they lose to good teams. The Spurs went 15-4 on SEGBABAs last season (79% winning percentage, which was higher than their win % for the season,) losing only to OKC, Brooklyn, Houston and Portland. The Houston game is ripe for a loss, but who knows...that's why they play the games.