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Final Score: Spurs survive Hawks, win 94-92

It wasn't the prettiest of games with 35 combined turnovers, but the Spurs managed to pull out a win at home on the first night of a back-to-back.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

This ended up being a pretty exciting game in the end. The Hawks showed great determination and never quit. I'm a fan of Spurs East, and the whole Atlanta team is dangerous from deep.

The Hawks took their first lead with less than two minutes left in the game. Al Horford knocked down a jumper and the Hawks held a 90-88 lead over the good guys. The Spurs led by 17 at one point during the first half, but the feisty Hawks didn't lay down and fought their way back into the game.

Tim Duncan, who was phenomenal the whole game, came up with a huge block on a Kyle Korver shot after Manu was fouled shooting a three and hit all three free throws to give the Spurs a 91-90 lead. A Duncan free throw and a Jeff Teague bucket tied the game at 92 before Manu Ginobili hit a pair of freebies that gave the Spurs a 94-92 victory.

The Spurs have never lost to the Hawks in San Antonio during the Tim Duncan era and Tim Duncan was absurdly good in this contest as he finished with a 17-13-4-3-6 line and didn't commit a single turnover. That's right, three steals and SIX blocks.

The Spurs were good for stretches in this one, but they're clearly still getting back into rhythm on the offensive side. They were pretty good on the defensive side for most of the game and limited the Hawks, who came into the game with the second highest FG% in the league, to just 41.6% from the field.

In what will hopefully be a normal event, seven Spurs scored double figures in the game.

Your Spurs improve to 2-1 on the year and avoid falling below .500 for the first time since November 2009.

Next up:

The Spurs travel to Houston to take on the Rockets tomorrow night at 7 p.m. Spurs time on TNT.