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Patty Mills' best plays of the playoffs

In the 20th installment of the "best of" series we'll look at the little Aussie spark plug.

Ronald Martinez

Man, four full days off between Spurs games sure is a long time and just two games in eight days? That's almost cruel with the Spurs entering a FIGASENI (five games in seven nights) on Wednesday against the Atlanta Hawks.  It did give Tiago Splitter a little extra time to recover from his ailments and it looks like he'll play in the Hawks game, but Patty Mills is still quite a ways from his return to the court. So while we wait for Patty to rejoin the team let's look at some of his better plays during the championship run.


Kawhi Leonard isn't the only Spur that is capable of stealing a ball and taking it the other way for a score. Well, I guess Patty Mills doesn't finish with a dunk, but he successfully converts this layup, and well, points is points.


Here, Leonard gets a piece of Batum's pass and Patty Mills swoops in to snatch his prize before he's off in a blur to score two for the Spurs. Check out how much ground Patty covers with two dribbles. 13_whi_patty

Tony Parker was limited to just 10 minutes in the fifth game of the Western Semis and Patty had no problem stepping up and taking some of Parker's shots. This one-man show was one of his 17 attempts during the game. I can't wait for Patty to get back on the court.


After receiving a pass from Ginobili in the corner and with LeBron James closing out, Mills drives baseline, the floor is spread and Patty gets an easy layup. 


One little mistake from LeBron and Patty's halfway back to San Antonio by the time Kawhi get's the ball after Matt Bonner picked up the loose ball. There's a nice outlet from Whi and Patty converts the easy bucket.


Check out Patty Mills gum up the Steven Adams/Reggie Jackson hand-off and then make a nice save to get the ball to Timmy. That play led to a beautiful play on the other side of the court. We've all seen the play, The Spurgasm. Zach Lowe said he almost passed out, Jeff Van Gundy said they should use the play as an NBA commercial and say 'This is NBA basketball.' Just wanted to point out that Patty started the whole thing.


Manu Ginobili recently wrote that Tiago Splitter sets the best screens on the team, and Patty Mills used an excellent one to make his way up the court and into the corner before sinking a midrange jumper while Tiago draws a retaliation foul from Thomas Robinson as the Spurs took a 3-0 series lead against the Blazers.


Let's finish this edition with Patty making a great play to save the ball in Game Four of the first round. I love this one.