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Spurs Infographic: San Antonio at Boston

Your infographic and game links for the Spurs' win over the Celtics on Sunday afternoon.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the infographic from the blowout, click for full size image.

celtics IG


And here are some links from the game for more coverage:

Trevor Zickgraf was in charge of the grades over at 48 Minutes of Hell in their El Conclusion. Danny Green and Aron Baynes received an A+ for their efforts. Of Baynes he wrote, "We had a Baynes smash, a Baynes "I'm a giant so I'm just going to stand here" screen and a Baynes 3."

CelticsBlog says that the Spurs taught the Celtics a lesson in their recap of the game.

Standings: The Spurs are tied for fourth in the conference with the Portland Trail Blazers at 12-4. That's pretty crazy, but not as crazy as the fact that four of the five teams in the Southwest Division have winning percentages over 70%. The division remains the toughest in professional sports.

In our recap Jesus Gomez noted that, "Once Bangers hits a three-pointer, you know it's over."

Nest up the Spurs will try to make it eight in a row as they visit the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday at 6:00 p.m. Spurs time.