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Tony Parker's hot outside shooting sets an NBA record

Tony Parker's insanely accurate outside shooting hits a 15-game mark that's never before been reached.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Parker's scorching hot three-point shooting has not only been noticed by the Spurs' faithful. In fact, Tony has set a record for outside shooting efficiency through the first 15 games of a season, according to

Parker has gone 16-24 from beyond the arc so far, by far the best mark of his career. The best three-point shooting percentage he posted before this season was 39.5% in limited attempts in the 2006/07 campaign. As we've explored, Parker is taking more shots by design after posting solid numbers the last couple of seasons. And because he's taking the majority of his outside shots from the corner, he's been able to sustain that outrageous conversion rate early.

There are two pieces of good news for the Spurs going forward: First, Parker has shot 40% on corner threes in the past two seasons, so if he can take the majority of his three-pointers from those two spots in upcoming games, his regression won't be too drastic. Second, the Boston Celtics allow a hearty 43.5% from the corner to their opponents. Parker is going to come back to earth eventually in this area but there's a good chance his record will survive another match up.

Tony, who was never known for his outside shot, is still doing a remarkable job finishing inside and solid work getting to the free throw line. His mid-range jumper is not in peak form but it's serviceable. So it's not like he will need to rely on his three-pointer. But it's nice to know that he might have that in his back pocket if everything else fails.

The Spurs should beat the Celtics handily if everything goes according to plan. But if it doesn't, hopefully San Antonio's offense will get the boost it needs from a red-hot, record-setting Parker before his shooting percentages inevitably dip.