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GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Suns

The Spurs didn't get a win in the desert, but we can still look at a couple of plays that stood out from the game.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Let's start with Cory Joseph calling for Jeff Ayres to set a ball screen for him. The screen picks off Isaiah Thomas and CoJo has Alex Len a little further from the rim than he'd like out at the foul line. Joseph goes left and does a nice job of finishing just outside of Len's reach.


Here's a super rare event. A CoJo post-up. Isaiah Thomas is one of the few guys in the league that gives up enough size to the Spurs reserve for this to be a good idea. Cory backs into good position and finishes by turning over his left shoulder and putting the ball through the hoop.


In this play we see Austin Daye drive the right side of the lane and gather the attention of the Suns interior D. He makes a nice pass to Tim Duncan, who pump fakes before finishing off the glass.


This one features Duncan doing his thing. He takes three dribbles in the post as he gets better position against Plumlee before spinning, faking and finishing with a little scoop layup. Plumlee lost when he shifted his weight to the left and put his right foot inside of Duncan's. That gave Tim the drop step and position.


Danny Green gave Eric Bledsoe the right side which was smart as Duncan was back in the paint ready to help. Bledsoe then makes a nice pass to Plumlee on the baseline, but the best shot blocking guard in the game rotates and erases Plumlee's attempt.

dg block

Let's finish this edition with the big Frenchman making space down low. Boris Diaw has a monetary incentive to keep his weight down in the terms of his contract with three weigh-ins during the season worth half a million dollars, but the big man still has enough Bobo to back Markieff Morris down far enough to get a tricky layup to drop. I'm of the belief that Boris can play at just about any weight as long as his conditioning is good, but after his contract year it's a smart move by the Spurs to motivate Diaw into making sure his epicurean pursuits stay in balance.

bobo 1

The Spurs host Mike Budenholzer's everybody-can-shoot Hawks on Wednesday and hopefully the good guys can pick up a win there and not fall below .500 for the first time since November 19, 2009.

Until then, this team is so easy to root for.