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GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Timberwolves

The Spurs completely dominated a short-handed Wolves squad on Friday night. Here's a look back at several plays that stood out.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

That game went about as expected. The Spurs may still be struggling to find their groove on the offensive side of the floor, but their defense has been otstanding so far. With the Minnesota Timberwolves missing so many guys on Friday night they didn't really stand much of a chance and the San Antonio Spurs have now won six of their last seven.

This is the GIF Breakdown, and if you're not a regular Pounder this is where we revisit several plays from the previous game for a second or third look.

Let's start with a block from a living legend. If you'll notice, Tim Duncan actually left his feet for this denial. It isn't much, but his feet definitely left the ground. Gorgui Dieng was enjoying good position off the Cory Brewer dish, but Big Fun was able to shift his focus after the pass and use his length to get enough of the ball to keep it below the rim. Kawhi comes in to help with a deft swipe to change the possession.

tim block

The Wee (oui) Frenchman was absolutely stunning on Friday night. Both Frenchmen (Boris Diaw) were great, but Tony Parker had everything working for him as he annihilated the Wolves defense time and time again. In his 25 minutes he dropped 28 on 18 shots and had five assists to just one turnover. Superb game from TP and after his sub-par performance against the Cavs it is good to see.

Here's Parker working off a high all-screen from Duncan. Rookie Zach Levine goes over the pick and does a nice job of getting back in front of Tony, but the veteran is just too darn good. With Tim rolling through the lane there's no help coming and Tony does what he does -- finish.

tony drive

Parker's hit 13 of his 19 (68.4%) three-point attempts this season. After going three for three against Minnesota , he just may qualify for the leaderboard. If he does, he'll be on top. This play features not just Tony canning a triple, but after Baynes did some work on the offensive glass and found a cutting Manu Ginobili, the wily Argentine fed Tony with a beautiful pass. Honestly, that pass from Gino, amazing as it is, has kind of just become status quo. It's often said, but it's as true as ever, we're a lucky bunch, Spurs fans. If this is Gino's last ride, let's be sure to soak it all in. We'll never have the privilege of watching a guy like him ever again.

Even if the Spurs didn't jump out of the gate like Houston, Memphis or Dallas, with the D as good as it has been and an offense that I'm certain will gel, we could be looking at potentially the greatest Spurs team of all time. It's early, sure, but this team's ceiling is pretty much nonexistent.

tony 3

Corey Brewer just doesn't have the build to contain the powerful Kawhi Leonard. Whi bullies Brewer until he positions himself right at the hoop for a chip shot. Leonard's post game is becoming so great that there aren't many threes in the league that can stop him one-on-one with his back to the basket and the floor cleared out for him. I love beautiful ball movement as much as the next guy, but I do really enjoy players working in the post and with the league moving away from that play I cherish the post possessions we do get.

tony drive

Let's end this edition of GIF Breakdown with one more from Leonard. Timmy's the only Spurs that doesn't touch the ball in this possession. There's the precise ball movement as it swings around the arc after Tony penetrates and kicks out that we love to see. Then there's a non-hesitant Whi getting the ball near the top of the arc and attacking through the lane. He beats his man and keeps the ball out of Dieng's reach by using the edge of the backboard to get two.

whi drive

We'll be back after the next one. Until then, this team is so easy to root for.