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How the Spurs game-winning play against the Cavaliers worked

Although it's not easy to get an uncontested shot against an NBA defense, San Antonio often makes it look as if it is. With Wednesday's game on the line, the Spurs sprung Manu Ginobili for a point-blank layup. Find out what made the play work.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

When the Spurs played the Cavaliers on Wednesday, they clung to a miniscule lead with less than a minute to go in the fourth quarter. Cleveland had just failed to inbounds the ball successfully, and San Antonio had a chance to put some distance between them and the home team. They ran a play that was good for the final margin of victory:

I knew it was a thing of beauty when I posted the video, but Lee Dresie and I got to talking about it and found that there was even more going on here than you can see even with the first several viewings. Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, and Tim Duncan have worked together for so long that they could run this kind of set in their sleep. But this one still stands out in more ways than one. Come join us as we dig into the play and find out all of the factors that made this play work.