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Spurs appear in the best-ever H-E-B TV commercials

This year Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard are joined by fan favorite Patty Mills.

I know they've been out for a couple of days, but we need a proper forum to talk about the greatness that the Spurs and H-E-B have put together this season. Somehow, they seem to keep getting better each year.

The Spurs have had a partnership with H-E-B for over 20 years and Cory Basso, H-E-B Group Vice President for marketing and advertising, had this to say about about making the commercials, "We have a unique ability to showcase each player's sense of humor in a way that fans may not see during a courtside or post-game interview. In just 15 seconds, we can give the fans a glimpse into the genuine personality of our hometown team."

Let's start with the Big Four having a little fun with Patty Mills' accent.

Why would you toss a burger at a barbie? Man, Kawhi plays the kid role so well. Great to see Patty in these this year. He's such a likable guy

Kawhi's "What?" is perfect and the finger wag and the bell are an excellent touch. Not to mention, "Do not ask questions you're not ready to be answered my child." Did they write the script for Manu's sometimes-broken English, or did he break it himself?

The beard though -- the beard really works.

Why is everyone Greek?

Hilarious. That's probably my favorite part of all of the commercials and once you factor in the OPA! from Whi, well I think we have our winner. The harp, Manu laying down and the Coyote with the fan, this one's great.

UPDATE: Another commercial was released!

Which one of the new commercials is your favorite and how do they stack up to the entire catalog? I'd love to see what the all-time favorites are.

ANOTHER UPDATE: There's a quick behind the scenes video on