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Spurs Infographic: San Antonio at Cleveland

Your infographic and game links for the Spurs' win over the Cavaliers on Wednesday night.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Here's you infographic, click to enlarge.

cavs IG


And your game links:

Standings: Well, the toughest division in all of sports keeps on doing its thing. The southwest division is still on pace to average 60 wins. As a division! It certainly won't hold, but that's crazy over 12% of the season. Right now all five teams would make the playoffs. That really might hold. Probably not, but the Pelicans can play.

48 Minutes of Hell put out their grades for the game in El Conclusion. Trevor Zickgraf gave Tim Duncan and Boris Diaw an A+ each for their efforts. Of Diaw he wrote, "Spurs don't win if he doesn't have this kind of all-around game. He was really active on offense and did another really good job keeping Kevin Love in check."

48 Minutes of Hell also does a fun recap of the game in Tweets. Our friend Caleb Saenz drew the "What's the Story" assignment in this one and he picked out some fun ones. Give it a look.

Fear The Sword's David Zavac handled their recap. He wrote that, "The Cavaliers got sub-par offensive output from LeBron James and Kevin Love. They lost by two points and had a shot to win. They defended at a higher level than we are used to seeing. Time will tell what it means." He also noted that the Spurs and Cavs are struggling but didn't mention that the Spurs are missing three of their eight best players or that the Spurs have played seven of their eleven games on the road. Two of those guys missing accounted for 37% of San Antonio's made threes last year. The Spurs are 4-1 over their last five and four of those games were against teams over .500. Seems pretty good to me. They don't look like the Spurs in the Finals, but it's November. They're fine.

SB Nation didn't have much coverage out when I wrote this, but they did provide an article with a look at LeBron's game ending turnover.

At The ESPN, Dave McMenamin writes that Kevin Love is still finding his way with the Cavs offensively. I assume they've just given up on the idea of him playing defense. Sorry, couldn't resist. Really, there are some good quotes in there. Give it a look if you're curious about these new Cavs.

Another ESPN article noted that this was the 10th straight loss to the Spurs for Cleveland. It's a short piece filled with stats. Here's a good one, "It was the first time James had a turnover in the final five seconds of a one-possession game since January 4, 2009 against the Wizards."

Jesus Gomez wrote PtR's recap and thought that Boris Diaw was the key and played "the best half [of his] career in San Antonio to turn things around. Boris exploited every seam in the porous Cleveland D for easy floaters or assists to the open man."

Finally, and it's not exactly game related, but you may have seen my post about the SB Nation fantasy tournament that took place last night. In the end our own Galfusica won the whole thing with his GM skills. A big congratulations to him!