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Final Score: Spurs cruise past Sixers, 100-75

The Spurs didn't approach Neo-ball in this one. Luckily they were playing the Sixers and breathtaking ball movement wasn't a necessary ingredient for the good guys to pull out a W.

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The Spurs were sloppy in this one. That's not too unexpected considering that the Sixers are now 0-10. Even with unfocused play, passes that were head-scratchers to say the least and relatively poor shooting for most of the night, the Spurs put together enough stretches of solid play to keep the margin in double digits for the final 42 minutes of the game.

There's not much to take away from a game like this, though Erler may have some insights that I failed to see in his recap. To me, this was predictable.

The obvious takeaway is this - the Sixers don't have a competitive roster. They're only spending $37 million on their roster this season and $6.6 million is going to Jason Richardson, who has yet to play a minute this season and missed all of last season. They're also employing Alexey Shved, who amazes me every time I see him play. And by that I mean that I am amazed that he's somehow managed to stay employed in the NBA.

The talent differences are just too great for this to have been a good game. The experience difference is also overwhelming, with Tim Duncan having more seasons under his belt than the entire Philly roster.

The Spurs were sloppy with their too-many turnovers, but I think it was mostly just a result of their focus. Would it have been nice to see the Spurs focus and win by 40? Sure, but I'm not going to get upset that they won by just 25.

Baynes, Daye, Anderson, Ayres, Joseph and Bonner combined to play 119 minutes (half of all the minutes) after playing just 37 against the Kings on Saturday. The Spurs had more assists than the Sixers had buckets. The Spurs out-rebounded Philly by 13. The Sixers only scored eight points on 18 Silver and Black turnovers. The Sixers missed 22 threes. Danny Green was +33. Matt Bonner led the Spurs with 18 on 7-of-10 shooting. That's the kind of night it was.

Your Spurs improve to 6-4 for the season and win their 27th game out of the last 28 against the Sixers in San Antonio. The Sixers meanwhile, fall to 0-10, though they host the Celtics in their next game. If they don't win that one it might be ten more losses as their schedule gets tough. For Brett Brown, I hope they get the Boston game.

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Next Up:

The Spurs travel to Cleveland to take on the Cavs on Wednesday at 6 p.m. Spurs time.