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GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Kings

Let's look at some of the plays that stood out in the Spurs' loss to the Kings on Saturday night.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Green makes a great cut here as Tim Duncan is having a little trouble working Jason Thompson in the post. Ben McLemore is caught ball-watching as Danny, showing great awareness, cuts through the lane and Big Fun hits him under the rim with an excellent pass.

tim danny

Manu may be near the end, but he's still dropping jaws just about nightly. Here is he is attacking without a screen and getting into the lane as the both clocks tick down. The Kings' defense is sucked in, Gino goes airborne, triple-clutches and slings the ball around Thompson to Green in the corner for the triple.

man u danny

Boris doing his best Kawhi Leonard impression with the steal and coast-to-coast run for the score.

boris steal

Diaw and Ginobili led the Spurs in +/- against the Kings. Here they are hooking up with some help from a Tim Duncan screen. Danny clears out for Boris to work in the post, but with Gino getting a clean cut to the hoop it's easier for Boris to just make the pass for the easy layup. I think this is how Boris prefers to play. He could try in the post and he'd probably score a little more than a point per attempt from there, but that's hard work. It's much easier to just facilitate. Beautiful feed, though.

bobo manu

Kawhi Leonard is really really becoming a mid-range threat and that's pretty exciting. His jumper is working and his post game keeps getting better and better. This post possession is quite the success as Whi backs down Ben McLemore and then spins into a fadeaway that hits nothing but net. So pretty.

whi post

DeMarcus Cousins is a beast down low. Even the great Tim Duncan is overwhelmed by Boogie here. Cousins is just too quick, too strong and he has a deft touch around the rim.


Let's end this edition with a a nice Parker/Manu connection. Manu fools the young McLemore with a sly reverse of direction in the lane and Tony fires the ball to Gino for an easy one.

tony manu

We'll be back with another edition of GIF Breakdown after the Sixers game, hopefully after a Spurs W.