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Patty Mills' and Manu Ginobili's Twitter "feud" is getting out of control

Is trouble brewing in the chemistry paradise that is San Antonio? Are the two teammates about to come to blows in reality over their virtual skirmishing? Will social media turn the otherwise excellent clubhouse upside down? YOU decide!

Could an intervention from Pop help salvage that relationship?
Could an intervention from Pop help salvage that relationship?
Ronald Martinez

The Spurs have a downright scandal on their hands.

It all started innocently enough. As you probably know if you follow him on Twitter, every game day Patty Mills sends out a tweet that reads "GAME DAY BALA GAME DAY!!!" Always in all caps and always with three exclamation signs. "Bala" means brother in Patty's language, so this is a rallying cry of sorts.

Even though he's been out for the whole season and probably will be out for a couple more months, Patty has still been doing it every game. Most people would say it's a sweet gesture that signals that he feels like a part of the team even when he doesn't suit up. Manu Ginobili is not most people.

So far this seems like an innocent mistake. Manu knows that Patty is hurt but perhaps he thought the Aussie had miraculously cured. Patty certainly didn't take offense and answered respectfully.

Moving on a couple of days.

Followed by...

...which finally made it clear...

...that Manu was trolling Mills. Patty decided to not engage. "Don't feed the troll," Internet etiquette suggests.

But this troll was determined to get a reaction and didn't even wait for the next "GAME DAY BALA GAME DAY!!!" post. When Patty posted a photo of himself looking ripped from his rehab work, this is what Manu said:

That straw broke the camel's back. Patty decided to respond and he didn't hold any punches.

But Ginobili, like any good troll, knows that the best way to get a rise out of someone is to pretend that an insult is just the advice desired.

After that exchange, Patty went back to his normal routine...

...but not before taking a preemptive strike.