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Spurs Infographic: San Antonio at Los Angeles Lakers

Your infographic and game links for the Spurs' win over the Lakers to go 3-0 in California so far.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Here's your infographic (click to see full size.)

Lakers Infographic


Over at 48 Minutes of Hell, Matthew Tynan put out their player grades in El Conclusión. Tim Duncan received an A+ because he 'got point No. 25,000 in his career, and in doing so became only the second player in NBA history to log at least 25,000 points, 14,000 rebounds, and 2,500 blocks in his career (some guy named Kareem). He was pretty good in this one too. Only one grading option here.' Cory Joseph and Kawhi Leonard also received As.

If you missed our coverage, here's the recap and here's the rehash.

In the recap over at Silver Screen and Roll, Drew Garrison notes that "Kobe Bryant played 36 minutes, looking exhausted nearly all the way through. This isn't a new development, but it's really starting to show negative effects and Byron Scott's insistence in leaving Kobe in during a blowout late in the fourth quarter was bothersome. Kobe shot a career-worst 1-of-14"

Standings: The Southwest Division has now won a ridiculous 75.5% of their games a tenth of the way into the season. That puts the division on pace to average 62 wins. The Spurs are once again at the bottom of the division, but they've moved up to seventh in the Conference.