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GIF Breakdown: San Antonio Spurs at Los Angeles Clippers

The Big Three won their 500th regular season game together and Kawhi Leonard played one of the best games of his career as the Spurs came away with a victory in LA. Let's look at some of the plays that stood out from the contest.

Stephen Dunn

With the Spurs on a SEGABABA we'll have just a quick GIF Breakdown that features Kawhi Leonard, superhero.

Okay, this one is mostly about Tim, but Whi scores the actual bucket. It seems like no one outside of Spurs fans and Sean Elliot appreciates Duncan's outlet passes. Kevin Love is consistently praised for his outlets, and they're great, but Big Fun is a master of the play in his own right. This 70-foot beauty to a wide open Leonard deserves a second and third look.


Whi was disruptive all night on the defensive end and excellent on the offensive side of the floor as well. Here he forces a Blake Griffin turnover and then gets back to run the three-on-one with Tony and Manu. A couple of nice passes leads to an easy layup for Leonard that gave the Spurs their first lead of the night. Check out Timmy the veteran sprinting back to clean up if his team needed him.

kl lyup

And here we have the play of the game. With just under a minute to play and a three-point lead, Kawhi makes a great play to steal the ball from Chris Paul. We already knew that Whi isn't afraid of the bright lights, and on Monday night, a night where Extraneous G called his number 'more than ever in his career,' the young stud delivered on both sides of the floor. Simply outstanding work.


We'll be back with another edition of GIF Breakdown after the Warriors game, hopefully with the Spurs over .500.