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Spurs Infographic: San Antonio at Clippers

Your infographic and game links for the Spurs' nice win over the Clippers on Monday night.

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Here's the infographic. You can click it to see it in its full-sized glory.



And here are your game links:

In a piece that is sure to give Spurs fans all over some peace of mind, USA Today quoted Kawhi saying that, "I was never upset about (the extension)...I mean they explained to me what their deal is and why they didn't do it yet. That'll play out. I'm just here to play basketball and have fun and try to win another championship. If I think about that, then I'm not going to be the same player that I am and will be just out of it." Adrian Wojnarowski tried to play it up as the Spurs making a mistake, which I'm sure made some fans nervous, but it now really seems like that was just a play from his agent and that the Spurs and Kawhi are on the same page and we'll see many more years of Whi.

BadPierre noted that, "Tony Parker seems to be getting blocked a lot on his layup attempts this year. Maybe the Spurs are just playing teams that have a lot of athletic bigs, but it's a little concerning to see so many of his attempts sent back." in his game recap.

In their recap of the game, Thomas Wood over at Clips Nation wonders the $2 billion question: What is wrong with the Clippers?

Trevor Zickgraf over at 48 Minutes of Hell was in charge of El Conclusion, where they assign grades for the Spurs for their performances in the game. Both Tim Duncan and Kawhi Leonard received an A+ for their efforts.

Standings: The Spurs remain at the bottom of the Southwest division and are in a tie for ninth in the conference with the New Orleans Pelicans.

SB Nation provided a great Vine of Clippers owner Steve Ballmer enjoying his team. After shelling out $2 billion, I'm glad he's really enjoying his new toy. Can you imagine what that guy would be like with several drinks in him? Seriously though, Ballmer bought the Clips for 10% of his net worth, which is about what the average American spends when they get a new ride.

SB Nation also had a laugh at The Big Fundamental's expense. Though fouled, Tim Duncan didn't have the success with his moves against Chris Paul that he enjoyed last year against Amir Johnson.