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Clippers expert questions L.A.'s sense of urgency

In the latest installment of Fraternizing with the Enemy, J.R. Wilco chats with Thomas Wood of the stupendously good Clippers Nation.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There's something about being an established contender, a team that's universally seen as one of the few with a chance to win the NBA Championship. All kinds of pressures and expectations come with being a top team, and performances that other teams would be happy with are often viewed with suspicion if not outright disgust.

Which brings us to tonight's Spurs vs Clippers game. With the Thunder having been bit by the injury bug, San Antonio and Los Angeles were supposed to battle for the top two seeds in the Western Conference playoffs. But both teams have had early stumbles and struggles. The Spurs with injuries and the Clippers with ... well, what has the Clippers' issue been this year?

In order to find out, I had a conversation with Thomas Wood, an excellent writer for Clips Nation, who has some great perspective on L.A., and some great questions about the Spurs. (Take time to head on over to the post on their site to see how they're reacting to these topics. And as always, be polite.)