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SBNation NBA blog previews: Central and Northwest divisions

Every year, SBNation blogs do previews for each team. Here are the first ten, covering the Central and Northwest divisions

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The NBA season is right around the corner and that means SBNation blogs are doing their yearly previews. These guys cover their teams with the same passion we do and they truly are experts. So if you have missed the off-season player movement or want to find out more about what fans of different teams expect from the upcoming season, give these links a click.

Central Division

Northwest division

Additionally, Seattle Supersonics blog Sonics Rising (yes, Sonics fans have their own blog -- that's how hard core their fans are) will be doing complementary pieces to the previews, so make sure you visit Sonics Rising often. And if you want to keep tabs on the previews as they post, visit the NBA previews hub.

Next up, the Southeast and Southwest divisions, including our preview of the Spurs.