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Who was your favorite player growing up?

In this latest edition of In The Bonus, we focus on the rest of the league, for once. We go back to find out childhood favorite players, discuss who we'd like to see in a Spurs uniform and what teams intrigue us from around the NBA. Let us here your opinions in the comments!

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1 - What's your second favorite NBA team after the Spurs? Or if you don't have one, what team do you enjoy watching the most when the Spurs are not playing?

Michael Erler: Probably the Bulls. They were always my Eastern Conference team when I was a kid.

Bruno Passos: I'm not a fan of the team, but I could probably watch any Warriors game on account of Stephen Curry. I just love watching him shoot from 27 feet and defenses being able to do little else but watch.

Taylor Young: I have a hard time not hating everyone. But, after the Portland series I came away from it liking the Blazers.

Jesus Gomez: My favorite team to watch last season were the Blazers. At times their motion offense rivaled only the Spurs' in beauty and everyone on their starting lineup was extremely likable.

J.R. Wilco: While I'm with Bruno on watching Stephen Curry, my favorite team besides the Spurs is the Atlanta Hawks -- and it's all because of Coach Bud. I just can't wait to see how well he can replicate what Pop has done in SA. That team has a lot of potential, and I'd love it if Bud can make it congeal into a perennial contender in the East.

2 - Who's your favorite current non-Spur player, a guy you'd love to see wearing Silver and Black? Stars are acceptable as your answer but role players are preferred.

ME: I like Dirk a lot. He just seems like a very cool dude. He'll never be a Spur, obviously. Rajon Rondo is way up there for me too. Goran Dragic, Joakim Noah and Marcin Gortat are up there.

BP: Although he's probably getting too close to star territory, Bradley Beal is pretty interesting and would be really fun on the wing with Kawhi. I've also liked what I've seen from his former teammate, Trevor Booker. Nothing spectacular, but he brings good value and hustle when he's on the floor.

TY: I would enjoy seeing a high-energy big like Kenneth Faried on the Spurs. You know, what DeJuan Blair was supposed to be.

JG: Taj Gibson was a beast last season. To his already stellar defense he added a more refined post game that, while not exactly pretty to watch, made him a more versatile offensive player. Imagining bench lineups with Diaw and Gibson down low makes me salivate.

JRW: Now that Shane Battier is retired, I'd love to see Jarrett Jack in a Spurs jersey. First, there's all the times he's killed the Spurs. Second, I think Pop would find a way to make him shine on our second unit. Can you imagine him sharing the court with Manu? Forget it.

3 - Who was your favorite non-Spur player growing up?

ME: Scottie Pippen, probably. Really liked his game and his style. Dominique Wilkins was up there. Sarunas Marculionis. Dennis Rodman. And of course AI. I feel like an idiot for mentioning him this late.

BP: Shawn Kemp. I had the hideous Kamikaze shoes, bought the VHS highlight tapes, and absolutely loved watching him catch alley-oops from Gary Payton.

TY: I strayed away from the Spurs twice in my ignorant youth and it was for Allen Iverson in 2001 and Vince Carter on the Raptors. I may have stayed on the Sixers bandwagon had they won in 2001 too.

JG: I had two: Allen Iverson and Kevin Garnett. Yes, before I found the light that is Tim Duncan I used to root for KG. In my defense, we only got a couple of games a week in Argentina and I never realized he was a jerk. I still stand by my fascination with AI, though. That guy was extremely fun to watch to 15-year-old me.

JRW: Without a doubt, when I was a kid my favorite player as a Hakeem Olajuwon. I was living in Houston and I rooted for him all three of his years with the Cougars. I remember the first time someone called him "The Dream" and for a community that had never had a champion in any sport, that 1993-94 season is a year I'll never forget.

4 - Besides Kyle Anderson, who's the rookie you are the most excited to see play?

ME: I want to see how Doug McDermott will do. It's probably a bad sign for him, or for me (or both), that I typed Jimmer Fredette before realizing my mistake.

BP: I've heard too many Andrei Kirilenko references to not be intrigued by Aaron Gordon, although I don't know how much run he'll get in Orlando this season. That team could be really fun in a few years if that young core comes together.

TY: If Joel Embiid can't play, I am excited to see Marcus Smart. I feel like he has the potential to be the best player in the draft or someone out of the league in two years. I also am interested to see him if Rondo gets ousted.

JG: He's only technically a rookie but I'm psyched to watch Nerlens Noel play. He's raw offensively but has the tools to be an absolute nightmare on defense. The guy can protect the rim, guard perimeter players and rebound. Sure, he'll be backed down by post players. But the highlight blocks will make up for any embarrassment the Z-Bos of the league cause him.

JRW: There can be no "besides Kyle Anderson" for me where rookies are concerned. It's like asking "Besides the Sun, which star lends the most light to the Earth?" I just can't compute the question because of how Anderson-centric my rookie thoughts are. There's simply no room for anyone else in the discussion.

But if you forced me, I'd go with Wiggins because of the "Ender's Game" connection.

5 - If the Spurs can't win the championship, which contender would you like to see hoisting the Larry O'Brien? And which contender would you absolutely hate to see win it all?

ME: Bulls, easily. I wouldn't mind the Warriors either though. My hometown has suffered enough and I like Steve Kerr. As for who I don't want to see win, I guess I'll go with OKC. Man, screw those guys. I hope they never win. I'm tempted to say Rockets before anybody, because they're so unlikable, but I don't think they need our help wishing ill upon them to not win.

BP: It's hard to put a Western Conference team here for some reason. I could maybe go for a team like Chicago in the East, with a healthy Derrick Rose finally putting together another healthy season. I feel like Bulls fans (and NBA fans in general) deserve another look at what made him an MVP not that long ago.

TY: The Cavs. I appreciate rabid fans and I want to see Cleveland celebrate. I also have always felt like LeBron was an insurance policy against the teams I really hate. You know LeBron is going to get his, so he might as well take out someone like the Mavs, Rockets, Clippers and Thunder. I would be pretty upset if the Mavericks turned around and won the title this year.

JG: If the Spurs can't win the title, I hope the Bulls do. I still have fond memories of rooting for MJ before my AI phase and there's really no other team with a legitimate chance to win I don't dislike. If i have to choose one that I absolutely don't want to see emerging victorious, it would probably be the Clippers. Chris Paul with a ring would be too much for me to handle.

JRW: If the Spurs don't win, and if they don't play them in the coming playoffs, then I'd like to see the Thunder win. Now that Derek Fisher isn't on their team anymore, Kendrick Perkins is the only Thunder player I really have a distaste for. Even Russell Westbrook's histrionics can't spoil all of the goodwill that's somehow built up in me for that team. Man, they're so good. But that's only if they don't beat the Spurs. If they do, then I'd have to say Cleveland or Chicago.

And I'd really rather the Clippers not win.