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Here's a Kawhi Leonard video to get you ready for the regular season

The preseason has been filled with injuries and losses, but it's time to put all that behind us and get ready for what we'll be seeing during the regular season. To wit: a bunch of Kawhi Leonard highlights.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Deprived of getting to see much of Kahwi Leonard in the preseason due to his eye infection, I thought I'd post this excellent video. It was put together from a number of plays over the past couple of years, and the audio is sprinkled with interviews with Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Pop, and Kawhi himself. This is not your average player highlights compilation and it's one of those things that makes you appreciate what's gone before, even as it gets you excited from what's coming next.

There hasn't been much to cheer about through the preseason, and there's a ton of uncertainty about what will happen with Duncan's and Ginobili's contracts after the 2014-15 season is over, but watching this video reminds me that the future (not to mention the present) is very bright indeed.