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Rockets expert defends the Daryl Morey era in Houston

In the latest installment of Fraternizing with the Enemy, J.R. Wilco and Rockets blogger Ethan Rothstein, talk over all things Spurs/Rockets and Rockets/Spurs.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

I recently reached out to Ethan Rothstein, manager of the Houston Rockets blog The Dream Shake, to discuss our two teams in the lead up to the last preseason game and the beginning of the regular season next week. I was prompted by all of the interesting things going on with our fellow Texans this offseason: the drama with Chandler Parsons going to the Dallas Mavericks, Chris Bosh passing on a max offer and re-signing with Miami, the sniping between Mark Cuban and Morey, the amazingly uncomfortable hug Dwight Howard gave Chandler Parsons before a recent preseason game. The list goes on and on.

But before we addressed all of that, there was the issue of my history as a Rockets fan to deal with. I've written about this before, briefly, and told you guys that I'd eventually go into more detail on it, and it seemed a perfect time to flesh out the details and tell the rest of the story. So, if you have no interest in finding out how a kid from Houston grew up a Rockets fan and eventually found himself editing a San Antonio Spurs blog, then skip down a bit where the actual Spurs-Rockets talk begins.

But if you're among those who've expressed interest in hearing the story -- here it is.

The conversation is still ongoing. Check back for more updates as Ethan and I continue the discussion.